Welcome to Valor Motorsports

Here at Valor Motorsports we want to help you make the vehicle of your dreams. We have a huge selection of aftermarket performance parts and accessories that can help you make your ride of choice feel like an entirely new vehicle. Valor Motorsports operates out of Peoria, Arizona and while we do not currently offer over-the-counter sales or installs, we work with a few shops that we have contracted the best rates in town to help pass on the savings to you when you need parts installed.  we can also recommend shops near you that we have built relationships with so that you can be assured to have someone that knows the Off-Road and Aftermarket world.  If you have questions about any of our parts, accessories, or if you don't see your vehicle or part listed, just use our Contact Us page. 

With a number of years in the aftermarket world working for some of the largest companies out there we have worked with about every type of vehicle there is.  You will soon be able to find us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where you can keep up on our latest projects and adventures. Also make sure to check out our blog and subscribe to our newsletter in order to keep in the loop about upcoming sales, new products, giveaways, or other Valor Motorsports events.